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Homeschooling can be a new wilderness in educating and rearing your child. Together, we can take your child’s education to a deeper level to prepare them to succeed in their academic future


Access our weekly schedule below, showing you what happened in class during the day and providing any extra documents/materials used in class. Updated Daily. 

Science Notes + Digital Labrooms

The following Powerpoints are for completing “Digital Lab Room” Assignments.

Direct Instruction Presentations are also made available for students who miss days during the week that involved a lecture or notes. Please instruct your student to complete notes using Cornell Notes

Week of Jan 2

Minerals Direct Instruction

Minerals Station Labroom

Week of Jan 16

Rock Cycle Direct Instruction

Rock Cycle Labroom

Week of Jan 30

Erosion Direct Instruction

Erosion Station Labroom

Language Arts Reading Packet

Student’s complete the following packet as they read through The House Of The Scorpion

Novel Progression Packet Blank

Current Unit: Persuasive + Argumentative Writing

Corresponding writing activities for each week are available for student’s who miss days in class. The title of each week’s activities is at the top of each page in the following PDF file.

NOTE: References/activities related to the specific HoTS persuasive essay do not need to be completed, I will be modifying starting a persuasive essay/speech later in the unit.

Week Of:

Jan 3: Persuasive Writing Strategies

Jan 9: Rhetorical + Logical Fallacies

Jan 16: Societal Comparisons

Jan 23: One-Act Play

Jan 30: Science Fiction

House Of The Scorpion Writing Activities

History Notes + Interactive Notebook

Students create interactive notebooks using their notes and knowledge from in-class assignments and lectures. INB pages are given to students at the end of the week, though the unit’s INB pages and examples are made available to you for students missing pages (due to absense or error).

A Powerpoint with online links for readings related to each INB page is available for you to use with your student who misses any notes or activities during days they are not in class.

Week of

Jan 3: Europe’s Nations Form

Jan 9: The Catholic Church in Medieval Europe

Jan 16: The Crusades

Jan 23: The Black Plague

Jan 30: England & France Development

Interactive Notebook Middle Ages

Middle Ages Notes

Growth of Church Webquest

Curriculum 2022 -2023
Below is the standard curriculum for each subject we will study in class this year. Though not all are required for purchase, we recommend purchasing any materials required by your student’s homeschooling organization (charter school, district, etc.) to meet the respective requirements of each educational organization, or if your child is only in class for a limited number of days.

Books highlighted in bold* are required reading material in class. May be updated as the year progresses.




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